How to Promote Your Book on a Budget – Part 1

As someone who basks in finding the right words in your deep well of vocabulary, you’ve had a taste of writer’s high affirming that, indeed, the best things in life are free. Nevertheless, you don’t have to go deeper into the well to see this truth all spelled out: most things, including your book marketing, have a price tag. 

Promote your book on a budget with these under-US$ 50 book marketing tips!

The Xlibris Writer’s Workshop believes that pitching your book shouldn’t be a burden to your pocket. Here are some marketing tips under US$ 50 to help you embark on your literary selfie mission inspired by online writers’ resource Author Learning Center.


Purchase your domain name

Your name or your title affixed with a “.com,” “.net,” “.org,” and other well-known domains, smacks of credibility. For as little as US$12.95, create your strategic presence on the web mosh pit packed with authors like you clamoring to steal the literary spotlight. Make an impact without spending a fortune by using your rich imagination.



Create your blog

It’s free and very accessible. The web has a multitude of free blog sites for your online journal. They also come with seemingly infinite design features you can play around to personalize your page.

Create a daily, weekly, or monthly theme to vary your content and appeal to your target readers.


Organize a book event

Step up your book promotion with an event that ties your book with historical and current events, holiday celebrations, pop culture, and whatever inspires your rarely tidy, creative mind.


Network with other authors online

While you may prefer solitude when writing, connecting with other authors will bring you to like-minded people and even widen your fan base. Your co-authors, whether or not in the same genre, can give you feedback on writing or marketing and promote you on their blogs or social network profiles, thereby introducing you to more readers.


Pitch yourself to radio stations

Look for possible radio stations you can swing by for your book publicity. Find your local stations here:


Hand out business cards

They may be old-fashioned, but business cards add a personal touch to your marketing campaign. Give these out to attendees on your book event(s) and people you want to network with. They can even help you spread the word by showing your card to their relatives, friends, and colleagues. offers free card templates with their logo on the back.  Made-to-order cards are also relatively affordable.

Catch more tips in the succeeding parts of this featured article on book marketing here on the Xlibris Writers Workshop.

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