10,000 Men and Counting | #BestRead

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Author: Gwyneth Montenegro
Title: 10,000 Men and Counting
City: Bloomington
Book Publisher: Xlibris LLC
ISBN: 978-1-49312-458-9
Published date: 2014
Format: Perfect Bound Softcover


TEN THOUSAND MEN AND COUNTING. If it were a work of fiction it’d be astonishing enough, however, contemplate if you will, that what you will read is based on a true story and you will discover the true magnificence of this title.

This hot new title of 2014 is raising eyebrows. Not only for the sometimes raunchy subject matter, but also for the unexpectedly emotional journey it takes the reader on. It’s hot, it’s very much controversial, it’s an enthralling read and importantly, it’s tasteful.

In penning this book, Gwyneth Montenegro has shared a heartfelt tale that will have women, the world over, laughing one moment and crying the next as they become enthralled in her challenging and often salacious lifestyle.

If you like a fast paced story. A true rags to riches tale of overcoming adversity then we’d encourage you to read 10,000 Men and Counting.


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Book Teaser:


You know what they say, it’s the quiet ones you’ve got to watch. To look at me in my jeans and T-shirt, you would never know the secrets that lie within my head. This week actually marks a milestone in my life. I have officially bedded 10,000 men. Sitting here I can’t help but relive the experiences that led me to pursue the path that I chose.

I led a rather normal happy life growing up in a household with a loving mother and father and a ‘pain in the arse’ brother. I grew up knowing that I was precious and wanted by my parents and that they loved me very much. They were both in their late thirties when they wed. You know, the kind of couple where the whole town is happy that they found each other and were finally joined in marriage. A fairy-tale romance as it were. Yes, that was my parents. 30 when my mother had both my brother and myself in her early forties, they were so very glad to be parents.

Growing up, I did all of the normal things that most children get to do. I played sport, I learned how to play the piano, and I did ballet and later changed to ballroom dancing. In my spare time, I used to love being alone with my horse. My life was indeed good.

Well, except for one thing. School. I loathed it. The best day was the last day. I was always the loner and quite shy. I was an easy target for the school bullies. I preferred my own company and found escape through horse riding. Galloping down the beach. the salty wind slicing through my hair and the sheer rush of adrenaline as I clenched the reins through my palms and held on for dear life-this was indeed living for me.

The single most important person in my life was my father. He was the most amazing father one could hope For. He was my best friend and understood me. He would take me under his wing, and even though he was insanely busy, he had time to listen to me and to teach me the craft of being an entrepreneur. He taught me much about building wealth and leveraging of? the money that you earned. I was awe inspired and very much wanted to be a business woman one day. I liked the idea of being in control of my finances and my destiny and not being at the mercy of others just like I was at school. I somehow made the connection in my early teens that money was control and power and that he who had the money could write their own destiny.

I always felt compelled to have control over my life and to be able to be my own person. I hadn’t of course figured out how, but I just knew that being an entrepreneur was my destiny. I wanted so many things for my life and didn’t want anyone to dictate my life. I wanted it on my terms and mine alone. I had a lust for life, for freedom. There was such a stark contrast in my home life and the liberties I had, than at school. At home. I was allowed to be me, to grow into a young woman that had no predetermined expectations put on her young shoulders by her parents. but just to find the life that would make me, as an individual, happy. I didn’t grow up…

About the Author:

AUTHOR Gwyneth Montenegro lives a reclusive life in her ocean side residence and loves nothing more than to join her four legged companion, Laddie, For a peaceful morning stroll along a secluded beach. She has long preached the value of a healthy mind and a healthy body. Gwyneth Montenegro is an inspiring philanthropist with a passion for drawing attention to human rights issues the world over.

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