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Xlibris Book Trailer: Evolutionary Actuality

Reuben B. Collins. Evolutionary Actuality. Bloomington: Xlibris Publishing, ISBN 978-1-47977-425-8. 2013. Perfect Bound Softcover.

Author Reuben B. Collins, II tackles the issues that have created worldwide poverty….
by examining the phenomena of change
and its effect on society.
change is a progressive force in life-
influencing industrial development,
nature, and humanity alike.

Collin’s EVOLUTIONARY ACTUALITY spearheads the creation of a new political model…
designed to tackle the endemic nature of poverty.
Groundbreaking and incisive,
Collins weaves together contemporary and historic accounts
to propose a unique solution to the growing of global poverty.

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Xlibris Book Trailer: The Giants of the Citadel

Michael J. Rossi. The Giants of the Citadel. Bloomington: Xlibris Publishing, ISBN 978-1-48361-544-8. 2013. Perfect Bound Softcover.

Embark on a fantastic voyage to a world when giants walked the earth and unearth a new telling of Adam and Eve. When Adam is captured by a giant’s son, he will be forced to go on a journey that will not only change the course of history but the future of mankind.

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Xlibris Book Trailer: The American Civil War of 2018

The world is in economic and political chaos,
and the United States of America is once again divided.
Tired of tax hikes, unemployment, hyperinflation and rampant bankruptcy,
the Southern Republic of America was founded on principles of the constitution.
But now the corrupt Federal government is on the offensive
and a small group of men and women
are the only thing that stands in the way
of annihilation of the new republic and an end to the American Civil War of 2018.


Brandon M. Larson. The American Civil War of 2018. Bloomington: Xlibris Publishing, ISBN 978-1-46536-980-2. 2011. E-Book.

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Xlibris Book Trailer: Unexpected Meeting

When two former high school sweethearts
unexpectedly meet again as adults
that old romantic flame IGNITES
and they find themeselves Hot and Heavy
and FALLING IN LOVE al over again
But can they weather the coming storms
When their past and present COLLIDE?

Frank R. Jarnot. Unexpected Meeting. Bloomington: Xlibris Publishing, ISBN 978-1-48361-770-1. 2013. Perfect Bound Softcover.

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