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Is Your Manuscript Ready? Tips for Fast & Easy Publication

Is Your Manuscript Ready?


Hi. And welcome to Xlibris. We are pleased you’ve chosen us as your publisher and we look forward to receiving your manuscript so that we can begin working on your new book. In this video, we’ll share some important information that will help your book look its absolute best and ensure that its production goes as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Is Your Manuscript Hard Copy or Electronic Copy?

The first thing we need to know about your manuscript is whether it’s a hard copy or an electronic copy. A hard copy manuscript is one that has been printed on paper. An electronic or digital copy is one that has been typed and saved into a computer where it can be transferred to a CD or DVD, or sent via the internet. Your book will go into production much faster if you submit an electronic copy. We can accept manuscripts written with Microsoft Word 6.0 or higher on either a PC or MAC. If you’ve written your manuscript using other software, contact a representative and ask about file conversion formats.

A Hard Copy Manuscript Will Require Data Entry

If you have only a hard copy of your manuscript, it will need to be data entered or typed into a computer before we initiate production. We offer data entry services for an additional fee, but you’re welcome to have your manuscript data entered wherever you’d like. Please note that if Xlibris performs the data entry, it will need to be completed before your book can enter production.

Your Manuscript Needs to Be One, Continuous File

File merging is necessary when we receive a manuscript from more than one file. For example, if you send each chapter of your manuscript as a separate file, we will need to put the files together before we can begin production of your book, and it takes a little extra time as well. For these reasons, it is best if you submit your manuscript as one continuous file. If you need help doing this, watch our video tutorial on File Merging.

Page Count Minimums and Maximums

We can publish books of nearly any length but our printer does have some page minimums and maximums. Our 6 by 9 black and white paperback books can be between 48 and 740 pages. Our 6 by 9 black and white hardcover books can be between 108 and 740 pages. Our 8 ½ by 8 ½, 8 ½ by 11, and 11 by 8 ½ color paperbacks and hardbacks can be between 24 and 250 pages. Please keep in mind that these numbers apply to your final book’s page count not the page count of your original manuscript. Depending on your manuscript’s margins, line spacing, and font size, your final book’s page count could end up being longer or shorter than your original manuscript. If you think you might have a problem with a minimum or maximum page counts, give us a call and we’ll be happy to explore other options with you.

Page Count Affects Pricing

Page count is important because it determines your book’s pricing. The higher your page count, the higher your pricing options will be. This is more of a concern with our color books than our black and white books. If you’re publishing a color book for children, we highly recommend you keep your page range between 24 and 48 pages in order to stay competitively priced with other books on the market. The type of binding your color book will have is also determined by page count. Watch our video, Color Books Guidelines and Design Options, to learn more.

We will design and format your books interior to make it look professional. We will also correct the final page margins, line spacing, the Table of Contents, and the page numbering so you don’t have to worry about them.

Page Margins

Instead of trying to set your manuscript to the final book margins, we prefer you submit it on 8 ½ by 11 sized pages with 1 inch margins. This is the default setting for most word processing software. We’ll handle the modifications of your margins to fit your chosen book size.

Line Spacing

You don’t need to double space your manuscript for us. This was common practice in the past to make copy editing easier but it’s no longer required. Single spacing is preferred.

Table of Contents

If your book has a Table of Contents, you don’t need to include the page numbers. Once your text is placed in the final book margins, those page numbers will most likely change. We’ll enter the final page numbers for you during the formatting stage.

Page Numbering, Headers & Footers

You don’t need to include page numbers or any other information in your pages’ headers or footers. Again, we’ll insert these during the formatting stage.

Even if you do these things yourself, they will need to be recreated in our design program during the formatting stage. More importantly, we often see some of these things done incorrectly in manuscripts, which could lead to potential production delays. For these reasons, we ask that you entrust our professionals to complete the formatting of your book.

Check for Common Errors

If you learned to type on a typewriter, using word processing software on a computer means unlearning old formatting conventions and learning new ones. Before submitting your manuscript, we highly recommend you double check for some very common text formatting mistakes that could delay your book’s production.

For example, when you are typing and get to the right hand side of the page, do you hit the Enter key to continue typing on the next line? If so, you will need to watch our video tutorial, The Top Five Submission Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them. Recognizing and addressing these formatting issues will ensure your book’s production goes as smoothly as possible.

If you’re publishing a color book or if your book contains images or special formatting concerns such as footnotes, tables, columns of text, or an index, we recommend watching our subject specific videos on these topics before submitting your materials.

If you have any additional submission concerns for your book, you’re always welcome to contact us at 0800-644-6988. Thank you again for choosing Xlibris as your publisher. We look forward to getting started on your book.

Source: Xlibris: Is Your Manuscript Ready? Tips for Fast & Easy Publication

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Designing books is no laughing matter. OK, it is.

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Ahh! We come upon them, the clandestine lovers. Let’s draw them out. Huhh! They’ve been discovered by the sultan. He will not be pleased. Huhh! And now the sultan is in danger. And now, we have to open it up to find out what’s going to happen next. Try experiencing that on a Kindle. (Laughter)

Don’t get me started. Seriously. Much is to be gained by eBooks: ease, convenience, portability. But something is definitely lost: tradition, a sensual experience, the comfort of thingy-ness — a little bit of humanity.

Do you know what John Updike used to do the first thing when he would get a copy of one of his new books from Alfred A. Knopf? He’d smell it. Then he’d run his hand over the rag paper, and the pungent ink and the deckled edges of the pages. All those years, all those books, he never got tired of it. Now, I am all for the iPad, but trust me — smelling it will get you nowhere. (Laughter) Now the Apple guys are texting, “Develop odor emission plug-in.” (Laughter)

And the last story I’m going to talk about is quite a story. A woman named Aomame in 1984 Japan finds herself negotiating down a spiral staircase off an elevated highway. When she gets to the bottom, she can’t help but feel that, all of a sudden, she’s entered a new reality that’s just slightly different from the one that she left, but very similar, but different. And so, we’re talking about parallel planes of existence, sort of like a book jacket and the book that it covers.

So how do we show this? We go back to Hepburn and Dietrich, but now we merge them. So we’re talking about different planes, different pieces of paper. So this is on a semi-transparent piece of velum. It’s one part of the form and content. When it’s on top of the paper board, which is the opposite, it forms this. So even if you don’t know anything about this book, you are forced to consider a single person straddling two planes of existence. And the object itself invited exploration interaction, consideration and touch.

This debuted at number two on the New York Times Best Seller list. This is unheard of, both for us the publisher, and the author. We’re talking a 900-page book that is as weird as it is compelling, and featuring a climactic scene in which a horde of tiny people emerge from the mouth of a sleeping girl and cause a German Shepherd to explode. (Laughter) Not exactly Jackie Collins. Fourteen weeks on the Best Seller list, eight printings, and still going strong.

So even though we love publishing as an art, we very much know it’s a business too, and that if we do our jobs right and get a little lucky, that great art can be great business.

So that’s my story. To be continued. What does it look like? Yes. It can, it does and it will, but for this book designer, page-turner, dog-eared place-holder, notes in the margins-taker, ink-sniffer, the story looks like this.

Thank you.


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Xlibris Reviews: 21 Black Roses

21 BLACK ROSES. Val Ciardullo. Bloomington: Xlibris Book Publishing, ISBN 978-1-48368-707-0. 2013 E-Book.

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Book Teaser:


“I don’t know!” I scream out in tears.“BULLSHIT! You do know! And you will eventually tell me! I havesome errands to run for my final preparation. I will be back shortly.”He tosses the pliers down onto the nearby bench and walks out leaving Sam lying there facing in my direction. Her eyes are open like she’s watching me, and she still has blood flowing from her head. I continuecrying uncontrollably because of the pain in my hand and fear of  what else he’s going to do to me. Oh my god he’s going to kill me. My brothers and Jeff will never find me on time.It’s been a couple of hours since he’s been gone when I hear a cardoor. Oh no, he’s back! He comes walking into the barn with a bag inhis hand. He tosses it down onto the ground near the wall and walksover to me. He stands there and stares at me for a moment then pullsup the chair again to sit and lights a cigarette. “Tell me something.How did my brother die? I know you killed him. Shortly after Samand I started dating she told me you killed him.”“Who was your brother?”“DON’T TRY AND PLAY STUPID WITH ME!” I jump as hestarts yelling at me.“I don’t even know who you are!”“Scott was my brother! That was until you killed him! Answer my question! How did he die?”“I don’t know!”Suddenly he stands and grabs the pliers again. “You must pay for what you did.” He looks over at Sam.I am obviously going to die so I might as well ask him to show hisface. “Please tell me who you are.” The man starts to remove his skimask. I’m stunned and suddenly speechless when I see who it is. “Ohmy god, Logan?”“When I heard you survived your car accident I couldn’t believeit. I couldn’t believe you were actually alive. Nobody gets that lucky but you sure did. It was then when I realized that you weren’t going tobe taken out easily. Your boyfriend stayed with you the whole time inthe hospital and you had us Pack members following you everywhere. You made it very hard for me to get to you. But I knew if I backed off for a while all of you would let your guards down. Then you wouldbe mine.


That man you killed was my brother. It’s pathetic when you date a man for a month and don’t even get to know his last name. They usually call those types of woman whores. Is that what you are?”“No, I’m not. I didn’t know his last name because after a week of dating him I was going to break it off but he became abusive so I couldn’t leave and he was very secretive about himself.”“You shouldn’t have killed him. That wasn’t right. I was on another job that day when you took him out but I know you didn’t work alone. Your brothers will pay for it too. I will take each one of you out one by one until you have all paid for what you did.”“Why did you risk coming to Jeff’s? You walked right up to my Nephews.”“I was watching the house. I knew I was taking a chance but I also knew that everybody was too busy in the backyard to worry about what was going on in the front yard.”“Please.” He puts his hand up to indicate to me to stop.He glances at his watch and then taps my chin. “I am going to go and eat dinner. Then I will come back and have some fun with you.”He throws the pliers back over on top of the nearby bench and starts to leave the barn. He wasn’t kidding when he said he was going to make this nice and slow. I sit there by myself staring at Sam. My hand hurts so incredibly bad and is swollen so much that my fingers look like huge sausages and my hand looks like a balloon. I don’t even think I had this much pain from my car accident.“PLEASE!” I plead with him again but he says nothing and leaves. About an hour later he returns back to the barn and as he walks in he picks up the plastic bag of stuff and brings them over near me. He sets it down onto the nearby bench and reaches in to pull out what’s inside the bag. The first thing he pulls out looks like a stun gun, then a knife, duct tape and rope, then takes out the gun that’s behind his back and places that down onto the bench too. He grabs the stun gun and walks over to me. “This is a Taser. It affects the central nervous system. This has 55,000 volts. Your body will stiffen like a board, yourmuscles will contract painfully, you will loose all motor skills but you will be completely cognizant of what is going on. Perfect, for torturing somebody.” He holds it up to show me.I start crying even more. “Please don’t.”“I told you that this is the fun part.” He lifts up my shirt and uses clips to hold it up so it’s just enough to reveal my stomach.

He aims at my stomach as he squeezes the trigger of the Taser and these tiny probes shoots out and sticks to my skin and shocks me. OH MY GOD! “It doesn’t feel too good does it?” Then he shocks me one moretime and then again. Oh dear god, just kill me and get it over with.Then he shocks me again and then again as he holds the trigger downfor several seconds each time he does it and each time is longer thanthe last one. He presses the trigger about three more times.“Just kill me.” I say this in a very slow and incoherent way. At thispoint I can barely lift up my head.“That would be too easy. You need to suffer.” He places the Taserright up against my chest over my heart. “This Taser also has what iscalled a dry stun mode. Do you know what that means? It means I canalso put this directly up against your skin and Taser you, giving you a slightly different feeling. If I squeeze the trigger right now with thisover your heart you would suffer sudden cardiac arrest.”I try to plead to him but I’m having difficulty talking. “Please . . .stop . . . just . . . stop.”“No I can’t do that. You have to pay for what you did to Scott.”Suddenly I hear a shot ring out and Logan falls to the ground. I am tooout of it to really realize what’s going on at first. Did he shock himself too? Then I see blood start spooling out from his head. Oh my god. What’s going on? I look down at the probes still stuck into my skin. All of the sudden I hear the door to the barn bust open. I slowly try to look over and I see its Officers Lawson, Welch, Richards and Chief Franks. As they’re making their way inside the barn the Chief hollersout. “GET AN AMBULANCE HERE NOW! Hi sweetheart. You’resafe now. Okay.” He looks over at the bench and sees the torturing tools that Logan was using or was going to use on me and then noticesthe probes in my skin. “Jesus Christ! Hey look at me. Come on girl! You’re going to be okay now. You’re going to be okay.”Officer Lawson is checking Sam’s pulse then shakes his head no tothe Chief indicating that she is no longer alive.“Start taking pictures of Dakota and all of this shit so when theparamedics get here they can get her the hell out of here.”“I will do it now Chief.”The Chief, motions to Officer Griffin who has just stepped insidethe barn too. “Officer Griffin, get this girl lying on the floor coveredup!”“Yes sir.”

About the Author:

I live in the beautiful Midwest with its ever-changing seasons. I have always loved old cars, muscle cars, hiking, camping, off road and being outdoors. I am a huge animal lover at heart. I am happily married to a man that often inspires me with his drive to always try new things. We have had many adventures together over decades of love. And we have had many of life´s challenges too. Which has made us stronger and inspired us even more. Follow your dreams and see where they can take you! Skies the limit! Visit Val Ciardullo site



Xlibris Book Publishing: Inspiration for Writing – Part One