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Xlibris Weekend Recap: 12 Stories You Might Have Missed

Get the skinny on a variety of self-publishing news! Xlibris gives you a recap of author features, writing tips, literary events, Xlibris promos, and more to guide your way to self-publishing success. Catch up on all the happenings in our Weekend Recap below.

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Designing books is no laughing matter. OK, it is.
The Piano | #BestRead
10,000 Men and Counting | #BestRead
New cover for a new, revisited version
Having Junior by Eunice Sampson
©Pain of Mistrust Violating the Air Readjusting the Heavenly Realm of We


Xlibris Writing Tips:
Xlibris Presents How To Thicken the Plot

Xlibris Editing Guidelines:
Xlibris Presents How to Write Succinctly

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Xlibris Press Releases:

New Travelogue Shows the Excitement and Romance of Exotic ‘Brazil’
Action-packed Spy Thriller Awaits Readers in ‘A Call to Prayer’
Arthur Cantrell Recreates the Terror and Intrigue that Foreshadowed the End of WWII
New Book ‘Foulweather Farm’ Is a Husband’s Touching Tribute to His Beloved Wife


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